Buying my sub tommorrow, John better answer the phone;)

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    ballasnt on #1980

    @teecee wrote:

    Oh yeah, you need a jig saw for the woofer hole.

    Or a router and home made guide. Much faster, easier, and safer than a jig.

    R. Buszka on #1981

    This is what I did – I have a Porter Cable 890, which is a really teriffic router. However, I didn’t have the time to buy the Parts Express circle jig (which is kind of expensive, to boot) when I was helping a friend build a subwoofer with one of my old woofers, so he and I went to the Lowe’s and bought a sheet of thin plexiglass. Getting the plexiglass to break straight was a bit of a challenge, but once we had that, it was a simple matter to throw it on the drill press and cut out a hole for the bit to pass through, as well as mounting holes to the back of the router. Then, we made some holes that correspond to the diameter of the bit being used and the desired radius of the hole. We used a screw to go through the plexiglass jig. To make sure that the falling slab of MDF wouldn’t yank the router out of my hand, we made the jig long enough to completely straddle the hole. If he still has the jig we made, I’ll see if I can get a picture of it. I couldn’t be happier with the results, though it made a ton of dust and the bit squealed like thirty pigs. Go slow when cutting, so you don’t burn the bit.

    ballasnt on #1982

    There is no need to even buy anything although it wouldn’t hurt. The way I did it is just as you described but I used the back of a three-ring binder. I cut a hole out for the router bit (about 1″ radius) and then put three screws to hold the router to the thin piece of cardboard. I then measured 5.5″ from the router bit outside edge with a right angle. I marked that point and screwed a screw through it and into the center of the cutout. It gave me a perfect cutout and only took about 1 minute with only two chairs and a girlfriend to steady the board. I thought it was pretty creative. Here is a ghetto pic of the finished cut:

    With a little sanding, it was a beautiful hole. The bit fell out at one point and kind of jacked up the cut but it was very easy to sand out. You can see the effect it had as it was wabling out of the router.

    TeeCee on #1983

    I use a router with the Parts Express rig now, but a decent router alone costs twice as much as a jig saw that will get you by. As for safer, I can’t really comment to that effect one way or another. I used jig saws for years. No one sees that whole but you. The hard part is drawing the right size hole.

    MxRacerCam on #1984

    @jimrhit wrote:

    Buy the drivers from John, buy the box elsewhere. Any stereo shop in your area will have a premade-carpeted enclosure for a 12″ sub for around $100.

    no kidding. CC has premade sealed boxes that will work well with the AV12 for $50.

    i can’t count how many times i’ve built boxes in freezing temps. cut the lumber in your garage (borrow tools from friends or family members ❗ ) then assemble it in your house. it’s not that big of a deal, and it’s not worth spazing out on people who support the DIY industry as much as john and company do. 🙄

    Admin on #1985

    @scoobydoo wrote:


    ok so what your saying is when he told me 2/3 weeks ago, dont know the exact date, that he could make a box for my car and sell me an av12 or av15 and cut a box for me it was full of shit?

    i was gonna call today, but i saw in the CS thread you were gonna be in chicago so i didnt, but if you have no time for personal customer service then maybe i need to take my business elsewhere..

    sorry you dont have time, i’m not asking it be done within a few days, even within a week, but to say you wont even do it is poor CS

    i just want to buy the sub, design it the way you guys feel it should sound best in my car and then pay you for it, but christ if you cant even help a local fellow out what the hell…

    sorry if i was in error, i will find another place to spend my money i suppose:(

    Hello. This is the first time I had to jump on and make a response. As Deon said, things were a little different when you had talked to me. I did not change my mind at all, and still have desire to help you, but there are some problems. The main issue now is that the CNC is not functional. Due to the cold weather and no heat in the shop something went wrong. The motors now will not drive the carriage like they should. I spent time on the phone with the manufacturer and we cannot determine if it is an issue with the motors due to the cold, or an issue with condensation on the control board due to the cold. I am shipping the motors and control box back for testing and will be without the CNC until they get back to me on the results. I don’t know what the time frame will be on that.

    I did offer to help you and I will stick to that. My shop is still rather cold, but it’s above freezing. 😀 I have a porter cable router with circle jig to make holes for the box, and have a table saw to cut all the pieces. If you want to come in when I am at the shop and use the tools I’ll be glad to let you do so. We will hopefully have all the suggested enclosure designs done shortly.


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