Box tuning below driver Fs ?

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    awakeinmalcolm on #1380


    i started a project building two boxes each is :
    11cu.ft. w/ two td12x in push pull ( one facing in, one out ) tuned to 30hz (ported) .
    initially planned on using this up to around 400hz but now my plans changed and my mains actually cover the range down to 80hz .
    so ideally i need a true subwoofer to cover below 80hz.

    here are some questions:

    can i just tune my 11 ft3 box lower (extending vent length) with the two td12x to 20 or 25 hz ?
    fs for the td12x is 34hz , so i was wondering if tuning the box below Fs is not advisable ?
    which driver/s would be best suited for my 11cuft box to get extension from 20/25 to 80hz ? tuning / hi pass ?


    stryke on #11449

    There is really no issue with tuning below the driver Fs. The compliance of the system is determined mainly by the enclosure so the free air resonance of the driver is not all that significant. The 2x TD12X in 11cf tuned to 20hz looks quite good with a gentle sloped response. I would put a highpass filter at about 18-19hz to prevent over excursion below there. If you do that you should be within Xmax limits to about 800W input to the pair.

    stryke on #11450

    testing the reply

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