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    erevlydeux on #141

    Is there any area of the VC that doesn’t go down into the pole stuff?~ I’m thinking of hot gluing a thermal probe ( 8) ) to the VC, but I don’t want it catching on the pole stuff as it goes up or down. Any ideas?

    dB on #2394

    Driven hard enough 100% of the voice coil will enter the gap – and potentially swing all the way through the gap.

    erevlydeux on #2395

    Would you say the VC wiring holds a consistant temperature all the way through? I could aim for the very top, possibly.

    Might have to test this out on a buddy’s woofer ~.~

    dB on #2396

    There will be mild deviation from top to bottom. Air is not a very good conductor of heat as I expect you know well. The coils outside of the gap will run hotter than the ones inside the gap. As the coil opperates in A.C., it is constantly in motion. The harder it is driven, the further it swings in and out of the gap, and the more evenly the coil will be cooled. Generally speaking the coil above the gap will be hotter than the coil under the gap.


    John just noticed you’re planning to Hot-Melt this together. That voice coil under high power loads will reach and exceed 500 dgf. Hot melt won’t work.

    R. Buszka on #2397

    500 degrees F ?! 😯 That’s pretty stinking hot if you ask me.

    dB on #2398

    Typical VC’s adhesives begin to break down in the 300-350 range. The adhesives in ours are baked at 550, and once cooled, won’t begin breaking down till around 600dgf, under heavy opperation they’ll see 500dgf occasionally.

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