Best 15’s for cardioid cabs?

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    RyanC on #1302


    I know this probably calls for some guessing…I’m making cardioid cabs like this (this one is sort of a prototype, but my final plans are along these lines…)

    And am planning 1 pair of 10’s (probably the TD10M’s) for cardioid from ~150-450hz, and another pair of 15’s to go from ~150 and down as far into schroeder as possible (have sealed subs as well so they don’t have to make it all the way to 20).

    So my guess is that the same things that would work for OB, would work here…it Seems the LO15 or maybe the TD15H+ both have high excursion and low FS. Any insight/thought/guess of what would be the most suitable for this type of loading? Thanks-

    stryke on #11203

    Hi Ryan,

    In this case I see one of two possible options but not sure which is most ideal in this type of loading. The TD15H+ is going to give the most possible bass output of all the TD woofers due to the higher excursion capability and power handling. The other option is something like the Dipole15 which has 12mm Xmax, but ideal Q in an open baffle alignment. With the cardioid design I’m not sure which way is more ideal. It isn’t really an open baffle, but also isn’t a sealed box either. I would lean more towards the Dipole15 though, possibly the LO15 as you mentioned. The LO15 has a little more motor strength and efficiency and you said you don’t need to go extremely low. If the Xmax is enough, that may be the one to look at.

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