Best 15" woofer choice for 3way studio monitor

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    tb303 on #1357


    I have a 3way studio monitor using dayton’s rss390hf.
    I am really satisfied with its frequency response but it cannot keep up with the midrange in terms of THD so
    I’m thinking about upgrading

    The requirements look like this:
    – 15″
    – 170l (6 ft^3) sealed box
    – crossover to mid at 400-500Hz
    – lowest distortion possible (top priority!!!)
    – has to play at least as low as the rss390hf

    Typical listening levels are around 85-95dB(C) at ~3m. I will crank it from time to time but no insane levels.
    I’m using a digital crossover, so frequency response can be shaped to my target response.

    What would you pick?


    Face on #11376

    Since you’re using DSP and only crossing at 500hz, the 15S seems like the best replacement.

    stryke on #11377

    Yes, in the 6cf sealed the TD15S is going to be the best option for you.

    tb303 on #11378

    Great. Thank you.

    Are there any harmonic distortion measurements available for the TD15S? Ideally with and without Apollo Upgrade.

    stryke on #11379

    We don’t publish this type of information as it is not comparable to other companies. If you look at JBL, EV, etc they have their own measurements that they use for their own purposes. They do not correlate to one another though. Most companies never publish this data in any way as it is too dependent on enclosure and baffle design.

    Additionally, HD sweeps really are not very telling about how a woofer functions in reality. When music is played, it is not a simple sweep that plays only one tone at a time. There are higher frequencies played over the top of lower frequencies causing the woofer to move to higher excursions. Multi tone tests tell a lot more.

    Anyway, that all said there are measurements from the TD15X up on this site along with measurements of a B&C driver. You will see that the 3rd harmonic distortion is far lower in the TD15X than the B&C due to the motor design. The TD15S will be very similar.

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