baffle step correction TDX15 @ 40" width

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    keto on #890

    Hey all, for a 4 ohms TDX15 in a 40″-wide baffle, I’d like to add a speaker-level, BSC filter. According to the on-line calculators, something like 3.9mH/2.8ohms would do the trick, for a full 6dB reduction around 115hz. Should/must I also add to this a 24.5uF/3.5ohms Zobel? Many thanks! –keto

    simon5 on #8939

    Best thing would be to measure, especially since they are not that far from the wall, you may want to go with less than a full 6 dB.

    For the Zobel, it could help if your amplifier has trouble with reactive loads or for high power operation or to ease crossover design… your choice.

    keto on #8940

    Okay, looks like in-room measurement will be the first step (the 4th-order L-R lowpass on the TDX will be done actively). Many thanks!

    keto on #8942

    I forgot to mention that after the active LR4 lowpass, the TDX’s will be driven by solid state amps, so there’s no problem with the speaker’s impedance effecting that part of the filter. I’ve modeled the 20hz, 14 cu ft box with other AE drivers and it looks like the TDS would do even better than the TDX. Which of the HT drivers would also excel in such an enclosure? Is there one that would be even better than the TDS? Might there be a TD+ 15″ driver in the future that would particularly want to reside in such a large, low-tuned enclosure?

    simon5 on #8941

    May I recommend TD15M or TD18H+ ? Or Dipole15, Dipole18 ? Or SBP15 ?

    TD15M is far fetching if you want lots of bass, but you can do surprising things if your design is tight, or you supplement it with a proper bass driver.

    robertz on #8943

    Nice picture.

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