AV15-X subs using vented 135 litre cabinet

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    toref on #680

    Just finished my first pair of subs using the AV15-X elements. Driving them is a Crown XTi-1000 which is fed by a DEQX active crossover/room correction unit. I can only say I’m very happy with the result. The drivers have superb build quality and the specifications were precisely right for my need (medium power bass in a small room at 5 * 4 meters but with plenty of headroom with smooth in-room extension down to 18-19 Hz).

    I’ve used 21 millimeter MDF with double layer in the front. The cabinets are tuned to 21 Hz using two 10 centimeter tubes at 62 centimeter length. I’ll post some photos in a following message.

    Cheers to AE Speakers!

    toref on #7190

    Here’s an overview of the current setup. The subs are crossed over at 100 Hz to a pair of ProAc D80. Crossover is DEQX 3.0. A Crown XTi-1000 feeds the subs, while a Krell Evo 302 feeds the ProAc’s. The DEQX is currently fed PCM digital from a Audio Aero Capitole MkII CD-player.

    Suffice to say, the Crown has a very easy job in this config. I guess I’m only using 5-10 watts for most of my listening. Only occasionally have I stressed it. I have no impression of the AV15-X drivers being forced at all. Bass is airy, punchy and immensely powerful. Just love it.

    toref on #7191

    I tuned the cabinet low to allow for roughly flat in-room response (I assumed 8-9 dB room-gain).

    In practice, it worked out nicely. 🙂

    simon5 on #7192

    Really nice work, congratulations ! 8)

    toref on #7193

    Thanks Simon!

    It’s actually very nice to do something practical like this for a guy like me which is normally doing completely different stuff (research). I can’t really say that the quality of the DIY work is up to the highest standards, but it’s still good fun.

    Here’s some evidence of the cabinets’ tough birth. 😆


    It will look better after this.


    toref on #7194

    Ready for filling, sanding and painting.


    toref on #7195

    My Norwegian supplier had only 40 cm reflex tubes. So I had to joint two tubes.


    I used fiber armed plastic. Smells nasty this stuff..


    toref on #7196

    I was eager to test the fit of the drivers to the cut-outs.


    Fit was good. The drivers are incredibly heavy so I had to take extra care of the finger tips..

    And of course, I had to check that there was sound… which it really was! :mrgreen:


    toref on #7197

    First layer of paint job done.


    They’re finally starting to look like home speakers. 🙄

    toref on #7198

    Feet, ports and terminals mounted.


    Soon on your feet…

    Dining room completely transformed to DIY workshop!

    toref on #7199

    Very happy to have this “rack” for transport..


    I guess each cabinet weighs in at 65-70 kg.

    simon5 on #7200

    Thanks for sharing your build with us, this may help someone else !

    If you are not into DIY much, you are a good woodworker none the less, this is nice work.

    toref on #7201

    Thanks again!

    Yes, if it can bring inspiration it would be excellent. I think DIY is a good idea for bringing the fun into audio for many people. At least I liked it and already contemplating what to do even better next time.. 🙂


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