AV15-H Build Specs?

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    MattyC on #874

    I just received my AV15-H and I am going to build a sealed enclosure for this sub. Which of these is more accurate?

    FS: 22Hz
    Qms: 4.86
    Vas: 197L
    Cms: .22mm/N
    Mms: 235g
    Rms: 6.7
    Xmax: 23mm
    Xmech: 32mm
    Sd: 794sqcm
    Vd p-p: 3.67L
    Qes: .29
    Re: 5.4ohm
    Le: .56mH
    Z: 8ohm
    Bl: 24.75Tm
    Pe: 1000W
    Qts: .27
    1WSPL: 90.7db
    2.83V: 92.29dB

    AV15H mounting depth 8.25″
    cutout diameter 14 1/16″
    overall countersink diameter 15 5/8″



    simon5 on #8895

    In short, if you want exact and precise measurements, better go with the dimensional, even better yet you can wait to have the driver in your hands for even better fit.

    The dimensional is the most precise one, but the fast measurements are close too.

    8.25″ depth versus 8.125″ height then you add flange thickness, you are slightly under 8.25 but close…
    14 1/16″ cutout versus actual 14″, must add a little for better fit unless you want to hammer it in…
    15 5/8″ (15.625″) countersink versus actual 15.563″, must add a little for better fit unless you want to hammer it in…

    Muser on #8896

    I’m using the volume calculator at hometheatershack.com to calculate internal volume of a cabinet I’m planning. Can you give me a guestimate of the volume of an AV15″ driver? I’m guessing it’s about 3 liters, max, which translates to about 0.1 cubic feet. If I’m in the ballpark, that’s great. In advance, thanks.

    simon5 on #8897

    You are in the ballpark.

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