AV12H availability

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    Bluenote on #1121

    Hi John and Simon,

    I read the 2012 AE Summer Production Schedule post and understand that the AV line is On Hold pending an Anodizing machine.

    Just wanted to check status on the possibility of ordering another set of 12 inch subs.

    Let me know when I can place an order.

    Bluenote on #10647

    BTW…would it makes sense to enter the build queue by paying in advance or is there an indefinite waiting period?

    stryke on #10648

    As per the production schedule posting:

    “AV Series
    The AV Series have been a roller coaster ride since the beginning. The originals were made by another vendor about 8-9 yrs ago now. The interest was incredible when they were announced. Then things went bad when the vendor didn’t deliver. I lost $30,000 that was never returned to me. I found vendors to purchase the parts and began building the woofers here, only to have that vendor deliver hundreds of defective cones and spiders. The decision was made for a total redesign, adding copper to the pole, increasing the VC size and sourcing new parts. Since then I have gone through 3 cone vendors, 2 spider vendors, 2 surround vendors, spend the time and effort to build a thermoformer to make surrounds here, and then had one more spider vendor go out of business. All in all over the past 8-9 years I have lost around $100,000 due to vendors not delivering parts at all, or delivering parts that were not usable. This has also cost millions of dollars in sales. At this point, the AV woofers are going to have to take a back seat for some time. I really have no time table for when they may be back. I need to find a new spider vendor, ideally one that will be around for awhile and will work with what I need. Starting over with tooling spiders somewhere else is a costly venture with no guarantees. At this time I cannot spend the time and money on a venture that has risk involved. I will reevaluate this situation once things are stable with other more deliverable drivers.”

    Bluenote on #10646

    John that’s fair enough. Hopefully things will come together sooner rather than later.

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