Aperiodic venting, driver recs

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    aforara on #51465

    Hi all,

    Looking to build two different aperiodic enclosures, one smaller and one a little larger.

    Any driver recommendations would be much appreciated.

    The reason for the aperiodic venting is I’m trying to use a smaller cabinet volume, of course…

    I’m looking to use two woofers per channel, covering 25 – 80 Hz.

    One version would use two 10″ drivers in a cabinet with a volume of 2,800 cubic inches

    One version would use two 15″ drivers in a cabinet with a volume of approx. 4,000 cubic inches

    john@aespeakers.com on #51467


    Figured I would reply here also in case others wish to see. The aperiodic will smooth the impedance peak and lower the Qtc some. However, this comes at a loss of output as well. This will also decrease the max output of the system as it is really like a lossy enclosure. More power would be needed to compensate. I see EQ and larger power a more useful option. The overall maximum SPL would not be decreased.

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