Amp suggestions for SBP12 infinite baffle?

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    PANIC on #1367

    Hi guys,

    was just looking for a good amp suggestion to couple it with my SBP12 for an Infinite Baffle setup in my car. It’s the 4-ohm with Apollo upgrade.
    I currently have a sundown audio 100.4 but it’s kinda big and I’m not sure it’s the right partner for my sub : /. I only want to power the sub safely and make everyone happy (the sub, my car and myself)
    Would be looking for something good, small. I’m not very knowledgeable in this area, unfortunately. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

    stryke on #11427

    Unfortunately I don’t have any recommendations for car audio amplifiers. You will want to look at somewhere in the range of 200-300W for that application. I would suggest checking on instead as there are several people using our woofers there currently in different applications.

    hungbuibaby on #51312

    Hello… i know is a bit late but I’m using zapco z-150×2 bridge at 4ohm for 500 watt running my two SBP15 sub, love it . Few thing to know about this Zapco amp is an A/B class amp with mean really good for Sound Quality but it run a bit hot after a while there is mono class D amps out there just for running subwoofer , but i find that “yes class D is efficient and powerful but not very musical as a/b class amp.

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