Air volume occupied by a TD15M?

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    MarkusA on #1268

    Anybody who knows how much air volume is occupied in the cabinet by a TD15M?
    I know it’s not a very critical parameter but since I’ll be running the numbers for a complex shape anyways it would feel incomplete not to include it.

    Inferno333 on #11096

    Probably around .1 cuft.

    MarkusA on #11097

    B&C 15TBX100 is listed as 0.19ft^3, are they twice as big?

    Face on #11098

    I would guess .1cf. John has stated the correct volume here before, but I can’t find it from a quick search.

    Adhoc on #11099

    With a 3/4″ thick baffle, a 18″ shold occupy about 0,25 ft³ / 7 L, a 15″ about 0,17 ft³/ 4,8 L and a 12″ about 0,09 ft³ / 2,5 L.

    MarkusA on #11100

    Thanks, it seams we’re getting things narrowed down now. 🙂

    MarkusA on #11101

    I would like to share my finished results.
    In the end I decided to go a very unorthodox route and in many regards do the opposite to the common rules of thumb.
    I went with a tiny closed cabinet, ca.50-55L and active compensation with a DSP. A fraction of a cubic foot became irrelevant and the speakers are easy to hide in the living room.
    The point I think is that crossovers, DSP and stuffing will matter more than the physical space the driver occupy and both stuffing and crossovers are crazy hard to model.
    I’ve heard people who are used to TAD speakers say they would kill for my bass, IMHO that proves that a small fudge factor isn’t detrimental to the end result.

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