AE TD-15M or AE-TD15H – Please advise

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    dkalsi on #1378

    Hi All,

    New to the forum and would really appreacite help in deciding whether I should go with an “H” driver or “M” driver for my application.

    Specifically, I am in need for a bass/mid-bass cabinet to augment my Oris 250 Horn + Tang Band W8-1808 Full Range Driver.

    See example bass cabinet below:

    Some facts/requirements:
    – I need the bass cabinet to play up to 500Hz
    – I listed mostly at moderate levels, but would like the luxury to turn a fav track up from time to time
    – I will not be able to corner load the speakers
    – I will not be able to add “subwoofers” to the room, thus I would like the system to play to a reasonably low (i.e., have a “full range” system)
    – Though I’ll be starting with an active setup (likely MiniDSP), I would like to eventually build a passive crossover for the system

    Please share your thoughts.

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