AE Speakers SL-10 – Car Audio- Any sugestions on a good amp?

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    cabbie on #2544

    @simon5 wrote:

    Depends on the efficiency of your midbass drivers.

    BTW, just buy two of those drivers, and the problem is solved. Two 8 ohms drivers in parallel make a nice 4 ohms load.

    I’m trying to plan out a system for my Mazda5. No decisions have been made yet, but the Boston Pro 60 sound attractive. I can’t have a box in the rear. I plan to build a box into the spare tire or in the space to the rear of the spare – I’ll be lucky to get .5 cu ft. Is this drive appropriate and what kind of power (aproximately) will be required for bass FILL?

    simon5 on #2545

    Well you want bass fill but allow minimal space for it hehe!

    One of those with an amplifier between 250-500W @ 8 ohms (500-1000W @ 4 ohms) will give good bass fill.

    Brew on #2546

    Okay, cabbie, I have like .73 cubic feet in my truck’s custom subwofoer box I made (not including the space taken up by the subwoofer). I added polyfill in it, which helps a bunch in smaller subencloseures situations. Also, if the subwoofer is going to be inside the car with you, like it is with mine, you will have no problem enjoying the bass. That SL-10 really hit the spot 😯 , like I was very doubtful 😕 at 1st, but man that thing shakes my truck like no other ❗ . It also, like stated before, sounds really clean.


    cabbie on #2547

    @brew wrote:

    That SL-10 really hit the spot 😯

    Brew, ya had me worried with that 3,000watt amp. 🙄

    Thanks for the responses – I have to rethink my amp choices to provide enough power.

    Brew on #2548

    Yah, that 3000 watt-er is way overkill, I dont even need to have it turned up more than half way, I tred that 10″ SL-10 with a 400 wat rms amp and it worked great as well.

    xtremedb on #2549

    I use a phoenix gold 100.2 mine, It puts out 200w at 2-8 ohms. Sounds awsome and ive seen them go on ebay new for just over $100 🙂

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