AE Speakers SL-10 – Car Audio- Any sugestions on a good amp?

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    Brew on #154

    I know this little subwoofer runs on 8 ohms, Any ideas on what kind of amp to buy for it?

    dB on #2530

    @brew wrote:

    I know this little subwoofer runs on 8 ohms, Any ideas on what kind of amp to buy for it?

    Which “little” subwoofer would you be speaking of?

    edit: DOH! (with my best immitation of Homers voice)

    If you can run two paralelled – use any regular aotomotive amp..

    Brew on #2531

    The one listed in the title AE Speaker SL-10.

    R. Buszka on #2532

    Or, you could get two of the woofers and wire in parallel to get a 4 ohm load, into which most amps will bridge nicely.

    simon5 on #2533

    Any automotive amplifier will do nicely with a 8 ohms subwoofer.

    Just remember that your 500W @ 4 ohms is now a 250W @ 8 ohms for example.

    Two in parallel will bring you back at 500W @ 4 ohms.

    Brew on #2534

    This the amp I got :

    I have not tried it out yet… Do think it would work out?

    dB on #2535

    It will easily over excurt the SL’s.

    Brew on #2536

    Thanks for the feedback, but what does “excurt” mean? Is that some kind of audio lingo?

    and just for fun, here is my set up.

    I am going to have phun finding space for my amp… but I will find a way!


    MikeSpoolin on #2537

    Household carpeting sucks something fierce for carpeting sub enclosures.
    Crutchfield sells 54″ x 3 yards rolls of carpeting. Click here to see it.
    Also, why did you decide to put the terminal posts on the bottom of the enclosure, as opposed to the rear?

    Mike “Spoolin”

    R. Buszka on #2538

    I’m sad to see that this woofer is going away. That poly dome and M-roll surround is just so good-looking! I want two for my 1998 Ford Windstar! (Actually, it’s about to be mine – once my parents get a new car)

    dB on #2539

    It will be available as a special order item likely – it’s not necessarilly “going away” we just won’t be stocking them and are blowing out the current inventory.

    cabbie on #2540

    I am confused about the viability of this driver for use is automobiles. I am a NOOB – Car amps are rated at 4 ohms so utilizing the 10 inch driver requires a more expensive amp because the usable power will be half is rating? How much (minimum!) power is required to support 75 watt front sound stage (6.5 in. components)?

    simon5 on #2541

    Depends on the efficiency of your midbass drivers.

    BTW, just buy two of those drivers, and the problem is solved. Two 8 ohms drivers in parallel make a nice 4 ohms load.

    Brew on #2542

    Well Guys, I put it all together and it freaken hits hard and clean, that sub is way way good! It gets kind of warm but it doesnt distort and it just sounds freaking awesome. We hooked up my friends 2 15″ Rockford Fausgate @ 4 ohms in my truck, and I swear that 10″ Sounded better.

    BTW: Here is the deck I bought
    6800MP Pioneer

    Not to many options to configure on the deck, but enough to do the trick!


    dB on #2543

    We’re glad you’re happy Brew 🙂

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