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    microhaxo on #450

    I know this company is pretty new, and i used to do free lance graphics design, so i decided to make a new logo for fun. If they like it they can have it 😀 as long as i am given credit!

    Anyway what do you guys think?

    I kept it simple, no fancy colors etc, that costs more money to have it printed, and its hard to stamp an intricate design onto something.

    microhaxo on #4961

    here is color variation, white and black.

    simon5 on #4962

    It looks nice hehe !

    I think John already has a logo somewhere that is more stylised, I don’t know. I will ask him and show him yours… 8)

    simon5 on #4960

    John got your logo and looked at it. I don’t know if he will use it on the other hand hehe !

    Gud1Smk on #4963

    funny..i did some logo designs too…ill upload when i get hm

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