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    shrub0 on #24925

    I realize that AE dipole would be better but I’m playing around with using AE IB15HT on an open baffle, simply because I already had two without a home. The baffle is 20″x35″ with sides tapering from 7 to 1.5″ . I am currently running the two speakers full range with eq. I am hearing a very dissonant sound when listening to cello music especially “bendictus” by two cellos. In happens only with certain notes and I believe it is somewhere in the 200-400hz range. Sorry to be so vague.

    Does anyone have an idea if this is caused by the baffle or the speakers? Has anyone tried running the IB15 this high? I’ve read that some open baffle designs have stored energy issues above 100hz. Is this what i’m hearing?

    Keymaster on #25375

    I am not quite sure what you are referring to in this case. There should be no reason an open baffle has any stored energy. The open baffle should be free from resonances and have less issue with anything else. It is possible something in the recording is simply being revealed that otherwise wouldn’t be. There should be no resonance in the drivers in that range either. The other thing to consider is distance to the wall behind. It is possible you are getting some kind of cancellation from the rear wave hitting the wall and coming back forward. Taking some response curves with Room EQ Wizard would help to determine if there is a null in that region.

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