A TD10s in a two speakers monitor

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    AJMARS on #1340


    I’m new here (I’m from south of France). I know Lambda series since a lot of time, I did order 4 TD12s from Lambda Acoustic a long time ago, I used them with TAD mid and tweet (see picture).


    I have a new system to create and I have a “perhaps stupid” idea, that is to use a TD10s with a Scan Speak Illuminator or a SEAS T35 tweeter in a two way monitor, the cutoff frequency can be 2000 Hz…

    What do you think of this…


    stryke on #11314

    Hi Andre,

    This could possibly work. A TD10 could be flat enough to get to 2KHz but dispersion is limited then. The 10″ driver will narrow to less than 90 degrees about 1500hz as with all 10″ drivers. You could push maybe to 1800hz. The Seas T35 on paper could do that. However, the power handling down at that range on the tweeter will be limited. Depending on output levels needed it could work. If you want more output you may be better looking at a 1″ compression driver on small waveguide instead.

    AJMARS on #11315

    Many thanks for your answer…

    Yes, a 1″ compression driver can do the job…. but it is what I have on my main system (TAD TD2001)…. and I’d like to explore an other way…
    Power… I don’t think I need a lot.
    My project was something like a modern version of the Dyanco A25…. (:-))))


    stryke on #11316

    The dome tweeter will always be the limiting factor in a system like that. You may wish to look at some of the ribbon tweeter options. RAAL are good. Mundorf AMT could possibly be the best overall option. These will get even more detail than the dome tweeter with more efficiency and more overall SPL capability. You can also get some like the Beyma TPL150 or some of the Mundorf that will let you cross in the 1500hz range.

    AJMARS on #42846

    I finally decided to go to classical 3 channels speaker with a TD12s, a PHL audio 16 cm in mid and a Raal ribbon tweeter…. a lot of job still to do, the actual enclosures are just prototypes…. but I appreciate.



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