’94 Ford Escort with an AV15-X and more :)

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    kendogg on #367

    So, this is my build page 😀
    Even though John had graciously allowed me to be a moderator on this forum, I haven’t had the opportunity to be all that active. Other than spam, everybody here plays real nice and we usually don’t need to jump in and babysit. I decided to finally post a nice big detailed build page for all to see.

    ’94 Ford Escort Hatch.

    Kenwood Excelon X889 HU
    Rockford Fosgate 20 to Life Punch 150 (birthsheet claims ~1020 watts rms bridged :D)
    AE AV15-X, in 3.5 cubic feet tuned to 25 Hz.

    For front stage, currently the car has some crappy Kenwood coax’s. Those will get replaced once my other car gets sold, and probably replaced with Rainbow Germaniums.

    All of the pictures for this build can be viewed in these 2 links:

    Picture Time 😀

    Crappy cellphone pic of the car it’s all going into:

    Response curve and GD graph of the sub and enclosure:
    Blue line is the AV15-X in a 3.5 cube tuned to 25 Hz enclosure (what I’m going with). The GD looks like a big peak, but I mean, 18 ms at 20 Hz, then drops extremely low – I think i can deal with that in a car, lol. I forget now what the red line is, I can’t remember if thats the same sub in a different enclosure, or if thats the AV-H. Might be the H, it was a few months ago when I plotted this all out now…

    Some enclosure pictures:

    Hopefully rounding over the front edges of the port like that will help a bit. We’ll see what happens. I don’t foresee much if any port noise though.

    Painting the enclosure, along with the 2 amp racks I cut to bolt to the rear seatbacks, in this black textures spraypaint. Had I known it would take 4+ cans to coat the box, at $9 a can – I would’ve paid somebody to carpet it, lol

    Thats it for right now. I’ll update more as I make more progress. Thanks for looking everybody.

    kendogg on #4135

    Aaaand, the saga continues 😈

    Made alot of progress since the first post. I’ll just explain in pictorial format instead.

    As you can see, I first tried the sub setup facing towards the rear. While it sounded great, and got damn loud, I flipped it and tried facing forward. I think I like this position better in this instance. MUCH fewer rattles, and sounds better imo. Not sure if thats natural for the vehicle and setup, or if ti’s simply because of having so many fewer rattles. Plus, much less chance of damage this way, as I can still store things in the back of the car without worry.

    Most of it went fairly quickly once I got passed getting the box prepped and ready, the wiring, etc. Sucks when most of my tools are 40+ miles away, but you make due.

    Not an ounce of port noise. THAT made me happier than damn near anything I think. sounds great, need to get some more types of music in the car and test out. Seems everything I can find so far with fast, punchy bass sounds perfect. This beast doens’t sip a beat. Need to try out some drummin bass or techno at full volume 🙂 Unfortunately, the high’s can’t keep up but I expected that. The previous owner installed simple Kenwood 6.5″ coaxials in the doors, run off the HU. You can barely even hear them. Once I sell my other car, they will get replaced, hopefully, with Rainbow Germaniums. Made myself a promise of no more audio gear till I sold that thing, haha.

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