413L/20.5hz TD15X bins

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    keto on #738

    Here’s a pic of one of two, 40″x32″x29″ bass bins that recently arrived. Construction is a layer of 3/4″ mdf on the inside and a layer of 3/4″ nice (mahogany?) ply on the outside, with the insides subdivided into 11 spaces with more mdf and 7″D round holes in each mini-panel, and a heavy 15″L x 8″D vent — all-in-all it looks like about 413L and a 20.5hz Fb. The sound is pretty wild, since I don’t have quite the right lowpass or padding on hand, yet. I’m going to guess that setting them up “horizontally” will be best for integration between TD15X’s and Lambda Unity horns. Just getting them from “vertical” (in the picture) to “horizontal” is going to require some engineering and assistance. The block “feet” are not yet attached. Eventually there will be a pair on the front corners and a pair of big industrial wheels on the back corners. For tuning, I can add some sort of fill, towards raising the Fb: 400L/20.9hz, 380L/21.4hz, 360L/22.0hz, etc. That the vent is not far off the axis of the TD15X probably wasn’t the best idea, so maybe I’ll add some sort of deflection if that seems to cause a problem. Anyway, I’ll report back once I get the foam damping installed in the front chamber and the other basic details worked out.

    keto on #7711

    Here’s a pic of one channel…

    simon5 on #7712

    Very nice ! Keep up the good work ! 8)

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