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    Mark on #51581


    I have 4 IB-18’s, of which 2 were used in an Infinite Baffle set up for a short period of time. Absolutely love what the IB configuration does! We’re in a new location now with no options for an IB setup.

    My question…should I use 2 or 4 drivers based on what I can accomplish in this new location? Here’s what I’m working with (all dim. are approx.);

    Newly constructed dedicated, constraint layer dampened, room – 12′ wide x 22′ long x 8′ tall – 2100 cubic feet.
    Sub encl option (gross internal)- 19′ tall x 22″ deep x 140″ long. – 33 cubic ft. (934.5 cubic liters). Sub location, front wall.

    Unibox sims;
    2 drivers (200 watts) 4 drivers (350 watts) Sealed, heavy stuffing for both.
    FB 25 33
    F3 27 28
    spl 116 125
    F10 15.7 15.7
    spl 106 115.1
    QTC .752 .882

    Any recommendations, should I trade better QTC for lower excursion and higher SPL… in this size room? Or should I go in a different direction?
    Thank you,

    Mark on #51582

    Sorry, it appears that my initial posting did not include 4 driver sim results that I had typed, Here they are;
    4 Driver
    FB 33
    F3 28
    spl 125.1
    F10 15.7
    spl 115.1
    QTC .882

    john@aespeakers.com on #51583

    Hi Mark,

    I would go with the 4 drivers in this case. Stuff as much as possible to get the Qtc to drop. Then EQ as necessary to bring up the low end. The 4 drivers provide twice as much output which will be of the most benefit in this case.

    Mark on #51584

    4 it will be.
    Thank you.

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