12" PRs with a 30hz tune?

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    chrapladm on #1326


    I am planning on making a new 3 way speaker for my living room. This will end up being a tower speaker. I am very limited on space so I am using the cabinet volume for the 3 way tower also for a 10″ subwoofer. It will share the same exterior but not internal air. That being said I have only 2.5cuft of space to work with and am looking at 30hz or 25hz for a tuning. I was leaning towards 30hz but cant seem to be able to simulate this in WinISD alpha.

    So is it possible to tune to 30hz using the 12″ PR450’s?

    And are a pair of 12’s enough displacement for the Sundown 10″ X series. It has a Xmax of 30mm. SO I just want to be sure that a pair of 12’s is plenty for the single 10″.

    And John can I get box dimensions for a pair of 12″ PR’s?

    I am trying to figure out what the shipping costs will be on a pair of 12″ PR’s. I am hoping to see what a single pair will cost and what two pair will cost individually to see if I save much or I should order a pair at a time.

    Again thanks for you time and anyones help.

    stryke on #11268

    A pair of 12″ PR’s with 450g each in 2.5cf tune to about 26hz regardless of the woofer used. I am not sure what this looks like when modelling the Sundown woofer in that enclosure. To get a good idea you can model it with WinISD or you can just model a vented box tuned to 26hz with 2.5cf volume and it will be close. Unfortunately we don’t currently have any 450gram PR’s as they are made from 1/2″ mdf diaphragms. I don’t have any here right now to make them.

    chrapladm on #11269

    I had been modeling a normal ported enclosure using WinISD and 24hz looked just fine. So 26 would be also.

    Any time frame on when you will be able to build some again?

    I have always liked the AE PR’s the best and to see you had them in smaller sizes was a plus. So if I have to wait that is not too big of a deal unless were are talking after Xmas or something.

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