12" IB option for Automotive use

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    buLLetProoF58 on #1044

    Are there currently any options for a 12″ driver to be mounted IB for automotive use? Thanks!

    I’m currently running an Esotar 1200 IB and it sounds great…but I need more, and can’t afford another one of those guys!! Also, from what I hear, John’s speakers will certainly rival this current setup…and be a hell of a lot more efficient.

    simon5 on #10388

    You could go with a SBP12. It’s IB on the rear deck or ?

    buLLetProoF58 on #10387

    I was unaware you were making SPB12’s. Didn’t see it on the site or store…custom order I assume? What would turn around time be on those? And yes, rear deck situation. Was trying to fit 15’s but looks like my measurements maybe have been the slightest bit off.

    simon5 on #10389

    John can still make all the Lambda Acoustics line, which includes SBP12, so I’m quite sure it would be no problem.

    Turn around time, hard to tell, parts for the group buy will be here in a month or so I guess, which means things could get delayed after that.

    Rear deck means upfiring, John dislike that, but if you are aware of the deterioration over time due to cone sag…

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