1 IB10-4AU 10" subwoofer for Sale. $75 reduced!

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    ambadastor on #1300

    I have a IB10-4AU that I bought in 2010 to install in a friends car but it didn’t work out. I have had it in storage in the original box since. I have always wanted to use it but I have never had the right application. Price is $75 and buyers pays shipping from 65203. Hopefully it can find a good home!

    I have sold and bought items on ebay under ‘bandit_the_dog” and “ambadastor” and diy mobile audio under “Kramerica”

    ambadastor on #11201

    Price Reduced to $75!

    HBSound on #11202

    I have sent you an email about it.
    I would like it.
    I would like some pictures to be emailed to me at aldridgerl@gmail.com
    Can the price include shipping.
    I can offer to pay today.


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