Apollo Upgrade – The Ultimate Low Distortion Option



Are you looking for the best possible woofer money can buy?   Consider adding the Apollo Upgrade to your Acoustic Elegance woofer!

The Apollo Upgrade is the ultimate option for Acoustic Elegance woofers. The already incredibly accurate motor design is taken one step further with the use of additional dual Aluminum Faraday Rings that sit on the outside of the voice coil.  These additional two rings work in conjunction with Full Copper Faraday Sleeve on the inside of the coil to lower distortion and pull heat from the coil.   Very few companies use even a single Faraday ring, while the Apollo Upgrade includes three massive Faraday rings.
These additional rings perform two very important functions:
  • They raise the “real” thermal power handling of the driver. The upper Faraday ring is a massive aluminum plate equal in diameter to the top plate and 1/2″ thick (1/4″ thick on TD6 and TD8 models).  This huge plate sits in close proximity to the top of the voice coil.  It pulls heat from the coil and also transfers that heat into the large cast aluminum frame.  This gives tremendous thermal reserve.   The inner Faraday ring is a large aluminum tube with nearly 1/4″ wall thickness.  This ring extends from the top plate to the back plate.  It quickly pulls heat away from the bottom of the coil and helps transfer it into the large steel back plate. To give some perspective, the Apollo Upgrade adds nearly 2 lbs of aluminum heat-sink to the Acoustic Elegance woofers!
  • Both rings also help to further linearize inductance, or in other words lower the reactance of the woofer. This causes the voice coil to act nearly as an air core throughout its entire range of travel. This further improves the transient response and upper end sound quality of the woofer.

As with all Acousticinner TD farday rings Elegance woofers, the parts for the Apollo Upgrade are machined by hand and assembled with tolerances equivalent to the thickness of a human hair (0.003″). These tight tolerances assure that the extraordinary heatsinking ability will be most effective.

Many times people ask if they “NEED” the Apollapollo upgradeo Upgrade.  The Lambda 001 Motor Design already assures that Acoustic Elegance woofers are going to offer the lowest distortion on the market.   The Apollo Upgrade gives further assurance that you have purchased the best Acoustic Elegance woofer available.  If you want to know that you have bought the best woofer money can buy, the Apollo Upgrade is the way to go.

apollo top plateThe Apollo Upgrade is offered on all woofers with overhung voice coils. Models with underhung voice coils do not benefit from the Apollo Upgrade as the coil would not come in close proximity to the Faraday rings to take advantage of them.  Please note that the Apollo Upgrade must be added when the woofer is built.  The upgrade cannot be performed after the motor is already assembled.


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